Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We're currently waiting on the plane. Some sort of bullshit excuse about service lights, which turned into lights that wouldn't turn off on the runway, which turned into everyone receiving phone notifications while we were on the runway that we were going to have a gate change... Supposedly, we are leaving in 10 minutes or so. I don't trust these people at this point...

It all began yesterday. We drove half of the way to Chicago and got a hotel so that we could all be sure to be together and ready to go when the time came (I got a lot of flack for the two day drive to Chicago from Trey and Lallaya Lalley, of Brothers Lounge in Omaha... Save it!) Immediately after arriving at the hotel, we caught wind online that our flight had been canceled because of the Hurricane about to hit the East Coast. Canceled... Europe tour in jeopardy. We could either call it all off and get our money back, or wait until they could put us on another flight out of Philli on Wednesday, meaning we would miss our first two or three shows, which were helping us to pay for the tour itself.

It started in somewhat of a lazy panic. Emails, texts and phone calls began to go out to "Management." It was about 10:30 at this point. I felt like I had just slurped a sea urchin off of the ocean floor on an empty stomach, and cautiously reminded everyone that we needed to eat dinner or I was going to be sick. We went to Village Inn and all played it pretty cool. 

I then suggested canceling the previous flight all together and trying to find something different. JJ got on the computer and Found a few things. 

We passed the info on to our label in Europe and at about 4am we got a call from Nicolai Adolfs of Beep Beep, Back Up the Truck letting us know that he and Boudewin had worked their way into getting us another flight just a couple of hours later than the initial scheduled one. They really did go above and beyond pulling it all together...

But, now, here we are. Since I started this blog, the Plane has finally taken off, and then turned around and headed back to Chicago because of smoke in the cock pit. We were just told that they are dumping some of the fuel into Lake Michigan from the air because otherwise the plane will be too heavy to land.......


I was hoping this blog was going to be about drinking Sutter Home while reading "Breakfast of Champions" and listening to disco music out of my armchair in a big, flying fartbox in the sky.....

If only life could be so kind.... Dream date dashed.

If you're reading this, we've made it back to Chicago in one piece. Wish us luck in making it to our first show Wednesday in Austria....

We hope that everyone on the East Coast is faring well in this awful mess. 


  1. I will forever call a plane a "fartbox" from now on! Safe travels!

  2. Yes! I agree with Ashley.. haha.

    Was wondering about storm 'issue'. Blog is great, though and I'm sure you guys will make it...

    Love from the Mountains!!

  3. Danged. Don't riot. Better luck now! I love you.

  4. Enjoy your journey, it will be life changing I am positive <3

  5. How many kilometers away is Austria today? We're all rooting for you to touchdown in time.